Tuesday, February 24, 2015

A Monday, A Tuesday and a Lovely Bandana

The one good thing about having a blog...I can leave and return whenever the inspiration hits. The only downside to this is that I don't know if I have any readers left out there... but if I do...YAY -- here's a blog post!!!

So - the weekend was kinda yucky -- and truthfully when Monday rolled around I felt horrible, had a tiny fever and a big ole sore throat...so I opted to cash in a sick day and lay around the house. It was, in a word, HEAVEN! The rain was outside, the warm was inside, I had a comfy couch, a sweet blanket and peace and quiet. Oh - and a great book to read, cause really daytime tv is not what it used to be!! I even had two companions -- who were De-LIGHTED that I was at home with them during the day....
See...they were thrilled! 

I have often said I wanted a nanny cam so I could see what these two do during the day while we are all at work/school. I think it is safe to say that my viewing would be quite boring. 

The day was delightful for me, quite healing and by the time school let out - I was rested and restored and ready to spend the afternoon doing laundry, cooking dinner and helping out with 5th grade homework. 

Now it is Tuesday and since I was feeling so good and ready for the day, I was immediately called about five minutes after I got to work to come get my sweet girl - she was feeling bad!

Once again I am happily entrenched on the couch - enjoying some tv time. A co-worker mentioned that The Voice was on last night - I missed it, so I decided to check it out today thanks to ON DEMAND!

The first contender was a woman from Nashville - who can SING, ya'll. I did notice something in her outfit that looked quite familar...I took a screen shot -- and compared it to a photo I had...see if you can see it.. 

Harlan is hoping Sarah wins...he likes her style! 

Living happy in the moment!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Sometimes Late At Night....

Sometimes late at night, when all the world (or at least my little corner of it) is fast asleep, I tiptoe to the kitchen...and make cornbread.

There! The secret is out. I am a late night cornbread baker...and subsequent eater.

Cornbread ties me to my home. It helps anchor my overwhelmed mind in the solid soil of my childhood memories. It stakes me to the land of my birth, to the ties that bind, to the warm shadows of my past. My Aunt Nell made cornbread. My Uncle Nate ate cornbread. My brothers consumed it for dinner and supper and I learned to eat it sitting at the table with all of them, legs dangling off the chair pulled up to an oversized plate, a tall glass of tea and a plate of cornbread, turned upside down.

Cornbread, soft, moist, crunchy on the outside if it is done just right. Slathered with butter, or syrup if you know what is really good. Cornbread, a staple at the table, every meal but breakfast. Cornbread heaped with beans, or chicken, or made into a the most sumptuous dressing on Sundays and Thanksgiving.

So, often on nights like this one, when I am tired and overwhelmed by the busyness of my life, I creep into the freshly cleaned kitchen, pull out my great grandmother's mixing bowl (reserved only for baking biscuits and cornbread) and start combining corn meal and eggs and milk and butter. The real butter, not the fake stuff. I break out the cast iron skillet and melt the shortening. Pour in the creamy mixture and wait. Twenty minutes most nights, and I am comforted by the corny smell, the browned bottom of the bread as it is flipped out onto a plate, upside down. I cut it into triangles and suddenly, as if in a time machine blasting backward years...I am home. Sitting at the table, legs too short to touch the floor, filling my plate with cornbread, tasting the crumbly goodness as I listen to all those people I love tell tales around my aunt's dining table. Home. Cornbread takes me home...everytime.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Making My Way Back To You...

WHEW! I got into the author's section of my blog. I was scared for half -a-second that I would be asked a password and then it would be all over. It has been a year since I have been here. A password search of my brain would do me in at this point in my life. 
A year. WOW! Sorry for the broken promise of coming back to blogville. I don't even know if I have any readers out there any more...if I do - would you please shoot me a comment and let me know you are still there. And bless your hearts! Even my parents have given up on me! (Now, that is not really true - but they don't have internet any more so in a way I guess they have given up on me in an internet form of speaking!)
Wouldn't it be fun I could tell you that I have been absent because I have been writing my book and it is now finished?  That would be great -- except it would not be quite truthful...well, not truthful at all really! Maybe this time next year....
September has turned into quite the eventful month, after 11 relatively unremarkable ones, I finally feel as though I have somthing to contribute to the blogsphere. First of all, my baby, MY BABY! turned 10 ! Where has that time gone? I am constatnly floored with the changes in her little life. 5th grade, Safety Patrol, 4-H Officer, so grown up, so grown up, so grown up!  So, my baby turned 10 and I went to my 30th high school reunion. Yes, you read that correctly - 30th!  I am actually proud of the number.  Considering about 12 of my classmates didn't live to be there - I am happy and proud to be able to say I was in attendance.  I think I will do a whole post on the 30th, so let's just say here, it was a good evening...interesting, VERY interesting!
September is tooling along, Fall is on our horizon and I am so happy to see it come. I started this blog in the fall about 9 years ago....so Happy Blog Birthday to me and those of you who have met me here over the years. I will not make a silly promise to be back here often, become more fully committed to writing and all the other yada yada stuff I have written in the past. Every day is hard for me -- but evey major event might be a more reasonable goal to shoot for and achieve. 

Thanks for reading!

Living Happy in the Moment!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Thanksgiving Project

Raising a tweenager is becoming harder and harder... people - no one warned me of all this!!! AGHHHH!!

So - in an effort to promote some good solid character qualities in my child of the 2000's....I have started the Thanksgiving Project.

In 2010, after a tumultous two years of rediscovering myself as a mom, a wife, daughter and friend (you could pretty much say that I failed at each one during that time!!) I came across a book by Ann Voskamp called ""One Thousand Gifts." If you haven't heard of it or read it - I REALLY encourage you to - no, seriously --- run to the store....I will wait!

Okay - glad you came back. The premise of the book is simple and yet oh some complex! Thankfulness - thankfulness for all we have, all we see, feel, taste, touch, give, accept, put out into the world is the KEY - the KEY, people....to JOY! Not just "happy dance" kinda worldly joy -- but true PEACE and JOY!! The kind that only God can give, the kind that only comes from a heart too full of being grateful to hold onto grudges, sin, sadness, envy -- just a grateful heart with the spaces filled in with JOY!

The book changed my life. I started looking for ways to be happy, to be thankful for even the smallest thing in my day -- to change my outlook from WHY ME? to WHY NOT ME?  To shake the cobwebs off, to realize the blessings I do have and let go of the what if's that plagued me for far too long.

I want more for my daughter. I don't want her to have to face questions and regrets and sorrow until she can't stand up and then turn to try and find purpose and joy. I want her to catch it on the upswing of her life, to know the secret years before she even knows she needs to find the answer.

On November 1st, she and I started a new Thanksgiving Journal. She is really into journals with cute picture of puppies on the cover and writing and cool pencils with glitter and sparkles. I am more interested in the inside of the pages. Pages where each day, she and I take a few minutes to write three (or more) things that we are thankful for that day. It is amazing to watch. She is getting it...she is turing her thoughts to gratefuless and realizing the joy in the small. I am proud as punch to see this character trait developing. It tops the list on my pages --- everyday!

The Thanksgiving Project...well worth the time this holiday season in our home -- for certain!!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Change...for the better.

We change jobs, homes, clothes, minds, seasons, cars, shoes, and bed linens. We change money, light bulbs, phones, tires and oil (can you tell I live with a "car guy" from those last two items?).

Change is necessary…sometimes it is fun and exciting, like the change of season or a new home and sometimes it is scary or sad. 

Recently, I have been through a change, a change of job and season in my world. For the past five years I have worked as an assistant director of a weekday preschool and mother’s day out program. It was fun and rewarding in so many ways. I was able to work part-time, share my daytime hours with some special teachers and co-workers, utilize my love of writing and graphic design in many different ways and earn a paycheck to help fund our family and our adventures. I can truly say that it was a memorable experience and I gaze on those days with a special fondness. I remember saying to friends that I could never imagine leaving it. And then comes change…

Change for me came on a day this past year as I sat in my church preparing for worship. Little did I know that by the end of the day, a new course and direction for me and my family had been charted. As the morning announcements scrolled along the screen, an advertisement for a position as a receptionist and administrative assistant in my church’s office scrolled into sight.  My husband, that Car Guy, confirmed my initial reaction and told me that was me and that I needed to speak to the office administrator, now, not later. 

The Car Guy has long wanted me to work closer to home, long wanted me to have less responsibility at work, (he equated that with less stress at home for some reason!) And he saw the benefit as did I of working and serving the Lord at our home church. I took some thought and prayer on the matter and began the application process.  There are tons of details here that would be glorifying to God and yet boring to you the reader so I will not write them all, but please know that at the conclusion of the process, I could not have been more convinced that it was truly the hand of God moving me into the new position. Even though it was painful, He has birthed something new and precious from the anxiety and anguish of that initial decision to step out in faith.   

So, a month ago change occurred in my world. Now, when I travel to work, I spend six minutes in the car, if my child needs me, I am seven minutes away from her and her 4th grade classroom. I can work at her school in the morning before my job starts. I have two hours in the afternoon to make dinner, clean house, dust, vacuum or as is more often the case, catch up on a television shows and cat nap.  My work load is significantly decreased and I am able to focus on my work duties at work and my home/mommy duties at home. What I lost in salary has more than been retrieved in time. Time, and not just time, QUALITY of time. No more texts at strange hours, phone calls to discuss work on off time, no more bringing home work to do after my child’s bedtime. No more rush, rush, rush. No more traffic – unless you count the occasional tractor that makes my drive time go from six minutes into ten. 

Life has slowed to a wonderful pace. I live AND work in the country now. I do my shopping on the internet, I make a run “into town" once a week for perishable groceries. Life is good. Change has been good. Peace has come to my mind and I am hoping to be back at the art of writing with a much more steady pace.

Happy in the Moment…now even happier enjoying more of the moments!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Sunrise- Church from the Driver's Seat

The Lord gave me a beautiful sky this morning on my drive in to work. It was the sun in all its glory --- just beautiful. I had my Travis Cottrell worship music jamming on the stereo and the beautiful sunlight bathing me. It was church from the driver's seat...I love mornings that start that way!

Some days are easier than others, this day, quite frankly this week, has been hard. I have needed to rev myself up for the day, claiming scripture, putting on my armour and bathing my brain in worship music to get throught the days. This morning was no different. The only difference was the beautiful sky and the blazing, warm sun. And then...

The highway curved and the sun was gone. Well, of course it was not really gone, I had turned a different direction. My soul starting pouting. It literally felt like all the glory had been sucked out of my drive. The bliss I had just been enjoying was just..gone.  I knew the sun was still in the sky and still beautiful, it was just not shining on me anymore.

I was blessed to be able to see the visual image and how it applied to my day, my week, the past few weeks, the future weeks to come.  You see, just like the pretty sunrise, the warmth and happiness it gave me, so goes my normal life. I am pretty content, happy, joyful and generally try to find the postive in situations more often than the negative. I trudge along, living my life, enjoying the comfort of happy relationships, and not too many challenges. I know God is real, I see His handiwork, I feel His presence. And then the road I travel takes a curve, much like the highway did this morning and my way is suddenly dark, dreary and the "light" is seemingly gone from my world. Troubles come, arguments happen, stress and worry abound. It is in those times that I have to remember that the SON is not gone. He is still there, I have moved, turned from the direction of His light on my life. Even when I can't see or feel His light -- it is still there!

Here's to lessons learned on the highway to work...and many more sunrises seen through my windshield!

Living Happily in the Moment!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Blessings in a Paper Bag!

Blessings come my way in the most unexpected times. Sometimes I miss them, today I was lucky enough to see one! 

I arrived at work to find crisis after crisis...it was starting off all wrong and let me tell you - days that start off wrong here in preschool world...never seem to end!

Just as I was settling into a day of unexpected twists and turns, the best one came along!

My friend stopped by - for no reason other than to bring me what you see below...

That's right -- nectar from the gods (aka Coke!!) and the most delicious appley turnovery frittery type pastry I have eaten in a long time!

Did you catch that - she stopped by for no reason other than to share this treat with me. It amazes me how God works in our lives...even to the smallest detail. You see, I didn't have time for even a bite of breakfast this morning, not even a sip of my famous "Coke of the Morning." We woke up a bit late, had to rush out the door and without even have change for a Coke from the vending machine today, I was going to have to settle for a water bottle and some left over Cheezits at the bottom of my purse! And then...God brought me breakfast (and lunch - cause this pastry is HUGE!!) and a much needed dose of caffine...in the best possible way...my friend, walking into my office!

I am blessed by great girlfriends!

Living Happily in the Moment!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Not too many days ago we celebrated Dr. Seuss at my little preschool workplace. It was great fun, lots of chances to play dress up (I will spare you the pictures of me dressed as Cat in the Hat!)  and lots of fun preschool activites and art projects.

One of the highlights of each work day is that we get the opportunity to meet in the hallway for devotion and prayer with our teachers. Dr. Seuss week was no exception - and our devotions that week all centered around a Dr. Seuss quote for each day with a parallel scripture. It was a fun challenge trying to match the two and coming up with a devotion thought. I decided to share some here on the blog-so - wherever and whenever you are reading this...just pretend it is Dr. Seuss week and picture me with a tall, red and white striped hat and red bow tie!

Our quote for the day...UNLESS!  Now, just think what a challenge this was to match with a verse! And no fair using a Bible app.

Here is what I came up with  - Psalms 127:1 - "Unless the Lord builds the house, the builders labor in vain. Unless the Lord watches over the city, the guards stand watch in vain"

It was a top of the head moment,and the devotional thought as applied was simply this...we should do all to the glory of God.,every day, all our work and efforts centered around Him or we might as well not do anything. If God is not involved - all is worthless endeavor.  That goes for teaching a preschool class of three yea olds, running an office, keeping house, washing the dog, making breakfast, helping with homework, working in a ministry at church, paying the bills, and yes even building a house! God has to be in the center, so we can be in the center of His will for our lives...it is a simple thought - but a big one! It is hard to remember, even harder to live out most days,but oh, so worth it when you see the result of His hand in the details of your life.

Here is your Tuesday challenge...live the UNLESS! Put it into practice in your day today - live each moment knowing that UNLESS God is involved in your thoughts and actions  - you might as well just stop, go home, get in bed and pull the covers over your head...UNLESS!

Living happily in the moment!

@copyright 2013, BRW

Monday, March 11, 2013

Tripping Over The Word!

Do you see it? Can you tell what this is?

Let me enlighten you -- it is my Bible...on the floor of my living room. It has been there all week.

I shall back up...I sat in the spot on Sunday...watching the premiere episode of The Bible on the History channel. I kept my BIble handy to quickly reference and keep check on the validity of the Hollywood storytelling. (My thoughts on it will have to wait for another post!)

Anyway...I left the Bible in my spot as the show ended and bedtime ensued. I meant to pick it up -- just didn't get back there that night, and as it turned out - not the next night, or the next one or even the next.  My Bible has sat in the same spot all week.

As I finally found the strength to tidy up the living area and pick it up, it struck me...that my whole family has been tripping over God's Word each and every day of this week. His scriptures have been under our feet, catching us and we tramped through the house, causing us to stumble and right ourselves again and again.

What a word picture. That is exactly how He has worked in my life - over and over again. Placing Himself in strategic points in my path, either through people, or circumstances or yes, even His Word, causing me to stumble and fall on Him, find my peace and my rest and continue on my way.

I was tempted to not move the BIble out of our way, tempted to keep it there, indefinitely, to be a visual reminder to myself and my little tribe of our need for God's Word in the midst of our life.

My mother will be glad to know that my housekeeping better judgment took over and I did move it - placed it on the table by the couch for more investigation at the next Hollywood feature, but the image of the Word in the middle of my floor has been forever blazed on my mind's eye.

God's Word...infalliable, alive and active!

Happy in the moment!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013


I miss blogging!

My life is so crazy busy right now...I am still wife and mommy -but added to plate is my part-time job, church activities and Bible study, writing my book and even contemplating some more education! HELP!

It seems by the time I could sit to write a little blog at the end of the day...I am just too tired for much more than a few moments of mindless television and then lights out!

But I miss blogging!

Thanks for stopping by, if you still stop by...and hopefully some day you will get more than just a snippet of a glimpse into my crazy world!


Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Too Much Stuff-ing

That describes us and our home. We have so much, are so blessed and we need to share.  We need to purge. We need to de-stuff!

Since November is a great month for teaching thanksgiving to my child, we are learning to be thankful for what we have and sharing the excess. Our plan is a bag of stuff - out the door each day. Some bags are going to the trash...some to the local care society. I am purging our pantry for items to donate, my closet and even my books. My child is going through her playroom each day - our goal is 5 items to give away - each day. It is staggering to think that she can do this for 30 days and still never feel the pinch of an empty playroom!

I am thankful for all our bounty...but I am ready to share. I crave a simpler life, with less time being managed by my stuff and more time doing the things I want to do! Anyone else feel this way? I would love to think there are others out there purging with us!

I will let you know how we have fared at the end of the month!

Here's to a simpler life, less cluttered world and tons more fun!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Weekend Wrap-Up with a Side of Cough Syrup!

I think it was a good weekend. Quite frankly it went by so fast that my head is spinning on this Monday morning. Apparently I did not clean house this weekend as evidenced by the clutter in the sink and the floor and just about every where else in the house. I know that I did some exciting things on Friday, like grocery shop, and I think Saturday was filled with a trip to my parents for lunch and then back home so my child could play outside and expend some energy. I remember setting the clocks back on Saturday night -- and getting my clothes put out and ready for Sunday. Not much else to report..

Sunday was spent at my home church for homecoming. Nothing like going back home again - especially if your first love is preaching! Yep - that's right - that boy from so long ago preached the sermon...he is now the youth director and by golly, he did a great job!  I am taking full credit of course...isn't that the right of a first girlfriend from 30 years ago...sure it is!! :-) 

Seriously though - he did good, he has turned out well -- mainly because he married someone that has helped that process along!! She is good for him...it is a joy to know that life turned out great for both of us.

After lunch and the traditional youth group picture on the lawn, my parents, daughter and I came home. Thankfully, Hannah had a play date all afternoon as I developed whooping cough Sunday morning. After seeing the hubby off to work and tucking the child in bed, I had hoped to sit back, relax with some of my fave Pumpkin Spice Mocha Latte (it is a Keurig concoction - I will leave the recipe at the end of this post -- try it - you will like it!)  and watch my Real Housewives of Atlanta premiere. Unfortunately by that time, I was passed out from cough syrup. What did I miss? Anyone?  I guess I will have to download it to the Kindle to catch up ...I do love those Housewives shows!

Hope you had a great weekend. Here's to Monday - and Election Day tomorrow and the END OF ALL THE PHONE CALLS ASKING ME TO VOTE !!!

Cough, Cough, Cough!


Okay - if you have a Keurig  -- try this. If you don't, well...I am sorry for ya!

One Pumpkin Spice Coffee K-cup
One Hot Cocoa K-cup  
Some Pumpkin Pie Spice if you have it

Brew 6 oz of the Hot Cocoa, then put in the Pumpkin Spice k-cup and brew 6. oz.  Sprinkle a little pumpkin pie spice in  - top with some whipping cream if you like... It is chocolaty and pumpkiny and yummy!!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

So, How Have You Been?

I feel like I have abandoned my blog. It makes me so sad to think I haven't been here to write since May. Shame on me. Writing had become my therapy -- so you can just imagine how crazy I am at this point!

I decided to share our afternoon with you. After church and our weekly spot at the Mexican resturant, my hubby and daughter decided to build a volcano. Hannah had bought a volcano kit on Saturday and was so excited to try it out. 

After a brief nap, her daddy set up a table in the backyard and they got to work. Thankfully they let me take a nap while the set-up was taking place, but they woke me up just in time to snap a few picture of the eruption and lava flow!!!

Here are some shots of my mad scientists in action!

It worked!!! 

Hope you have a great Sunday...watch out for flowing lava!!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Calm Yourself...It Is Just A List!

Just a list of things...cause I feel the need to write, and yet, I am not in an emotionally stable enough place to actually form logical sentences within paragraphs!

1. It is a week and a day since we learned of the devastating loss of our pastor's son in a car wreck. 18 and about to graduate, a God honoring young man with a heart for loving others, it is still almost too much to bear.

2. My work school year is over...bring on the summer!

3. Today is my 20th wedding anniversary...no big celebration - just grateful for the turn of the calendar and life with a really good man.

4. Tomorrow is 2nd Grade recognition day...oh - and pizza party! Yay!

5. Tonight while my child was in her GA class...my friend and I went to the grave site of that sweet guy in #1. It is a lovely spot...I was glad to go, I think, NO, I know, I will go back again sometime. I still can't make it seem real and I am trying to be God-honoring in my grief and my heartache for his family. It is hard times, hard times indeed.

6. Did I mention that my summer has started and my child's will start in two days...SUMMERTIME!

7. I have to confess that I have several "piles" of things dotting my house, stacks of items that I have thought I would surely go through "in the summer" and de-clutter  my home, but it is now officially summer and I really don't want to go through any of them  :(

8. I have been to the store three times since Saturday...tin foil has been on the list all three times and yet, I have forgotten it EVERY time!

9. I am currently listening to Zac Brown Band's "No Hurry Today"...and I believe I am going to adopt it as my summer time theme!

10. And lastly, for the two of you that are still reading this list...I took two, TWO naps today...and I like the way it made me feel!!! Ah....the joys of summertime!


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Crumbs on a Plate

I woke up early this morning...just couldn't sleep.

I took a shower, did my makeup, dressed, fed the cat and realized...I was hungry!

This is rare...I usually don't even stop to eat until 4pm - and here I was at 6am wanting to eat.

After a few minutes, I decided on a simple breakfast of toast and tea, It seemed simple enough anyway.

For my birthday a few weeks ago, one of my sweetest friends who knows me VERY well gave me a jar of  this...

Yep - that is Key Lime Jelly...yum!  I adore it. I tried it out Easter morning. Fab!  So, it was a logical choice for me this morning, only guess what? It would not open! I tried and tried, every method I could think of - but the lid would not budge. My hubby was sleeping too soundly - I couldn't even think of waking him for this small thing. So I had to resort to this...

Yep, good ole generic Red Raspberry jam.  OH well - it isn't the first time in my life that I have wanted something and ended up with something completely opposite. But you know what I was reminded of this morning at 6am? Even though it might not have been what I thought I wanted, it was not the sleek, fancy jelly that would remind me of the beach and summer and give me what I perceived as a great breakfast. It was downhome, filling and made me think of the country and hay bales and happiness from my childhood...and the result was this....

crumbs on a plate, a completely satisfied tummy and a great start to a great day!

I am happy to once again be inspired to blog, happy to have a friend who gave me such a wonderful key lime treat and happy to have been reminded this morning that happiness can be found - if we only allow our own thoughts and desires to move out of the way!

Thankful for the crumbs of raspberry jammed toast this morning - wishing you a great day!

Still happy in this moment!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Happy Days!

Happy 54th wedding anniversary to my parents....yesterday, and Happy Leap Day to us all -- today.

I can feel the blog posts in me about to come forth...please stay tuned!!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Isn't She Lovely...?

I have a new addition to my counter top. I have waited a VERY long time for this addition and even today, as I sit and type with her sitting right her next to me...I still can't believe it is true.

Behold...my newest kitchen assistant.....

Her name is Giada...I am  looking forward to many happy days in the kitchen with my new friend!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

It Is A New Year People!!


I feel like a really bad friend...I have abandoned you all...and I really didn't intend to do that!

The holidays around here were peaceful and lazy and full of lots of fun that did not involve the computer. I hope yours was the same.

Now that Christmas and New Year are behind us, I promise, I will try and visit here on a more regular basis. I truly miss my time here...thanks for visiting - hope you come back soon!


Sunday, November 6, 2011

Such A Fun Morning!

They saw you can never go home again...but today, Sunday, I managed to do it! 

For most of my formative teenage years, my daddy was the pastor of this church. All my teenage triumphs and angst happened on this corner it seems.  Today marked the 65th anniversary of the church and I am so happy to have had it as part of my life. The friends I made here -- are my friends for life. They are family to me.

My family and I got to return for service here this morning and fellowship meal afterwards. It was great to see everyone...I was hit by emotions I didn't expect, but oh, so happy for them all.   

After church and lunch  my old youth group got together for a photo op! Such fun to see them all...I love them and all our shared memories so much!

Oh -- and the picture of the church was taken by my daughter...she is developing a really good eye for picture taking...don't you think? 

Feeling Crafty On A Saturday!

I made a book page wreath! So pretty -- but oh how my hands hurt from the hot glue...OUCH!!!!
And I made this for my front door!

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I haven't been here in a while...life is just busy and once the day is through -- I am not keen on sitting and writing anymore!  This afternoon though, after a pretty restful morning, I felt the urge to come and visit. Rather than suffer through a few borning paragraphs (cause let's face it...I am a little rusty at the writing these days) I decided to just do a list of few of my favorite things at this moment in time!

Here we go...

1. Fires in a fireplace.  I have a fireplace and this year, I intend that we will use it. We also have an outside fireplace and this year, we have already used it.  The time for warmth has come!

2. Footloose soundtrack. Both the old one for the traditionalist that lives inside of me and the new one for the country girl who can appreciate all types of music.  Saw the movie last night too--I wasn't expecting to like it - but I did!  Go see it.

3. Fruit in my tea. This summer we (my little family) discovered Raspberry Tea at a diner in Pennsylvania. It was dE-Vine! Now, I have to have fruit in my tea- I like raspberry and peach tea....anyone else have a favorite you would like to share. We are currently using the Crystal Light mix packets. Love, love, love!!

4. Fresh laundry. No doubt about it - there is nothing like it - today was laundry day so my sheets and towels are smelling so fresh...it makes me wish everyday was laundry day...well, not really - but still I love fresh laundry.

did ya'll notice I am stuck on F's today?  Weird huh?  Well, not to be undone...here is one more.

5. Forgiveness Matters.  Forgiveness is big in my world right now. Both needing it and giving it. I wear a braclet on my wrist that reminds me every time I see it that I am forgiven. I need that reminding daily - the devil tries really hard to rob me of my every joy -- I use it as a weapon againist him.  I hope you get this message...there is forgiveness for you as well. I hope you find it. I really do.



Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Friends ARE Friends Forever...

Before I was the me I am today, I was part of a really neat WE. Before life had really gotten started for me, I was BLESSED with friendship. From the church infant nursery I was given a best friend for life. From the horrors of a high school chemistry class, I was given three more. The five awkward, naive, teenage kids, became the Fab Five.The five of us, became a WE - we went to prayer breakfasts, football games, Pizza Hut, the Mall, the movies, the Prom, each other's homes. We rode in carpool, we "rolled" mailboxes, we laughed, we laughed and then we laughed some more. We pouted, we hugged, we worried, we cried. We fought, we made up, we played pranks and wrote notes. We had favorite songs, we went to concerts and we sang...a lot. The five of us -- we were a WE! And we loved it, we loved each other, and we held on to the friendship when time and space tried to take it away.

Twenty five years ago we went on a beach trip and posed for this picture...

Then life happened...we moved, we grew up, we married, had kids, had careers, found other friends.

But this weekend, this marvelous weekend in September, full of crisp air and hints of sweet sunshine, the five of us became WE again. Boys came home, took planes and cars to meet the girls for a day full of memories and fun and laughter, so much laughter. We are lucky...twenty-five years did nothing to us but give us all a few wrinkles, some "laugh" lines, new hairstyles, and a need for reading glasses in dimly lit restuarants...the bond we had is still there...it took two seconds to fall back into the familiar rhythms, the years between us started to disappear and we were once again a group of friends, connected by our hearts. Time and distance sad, defeated competitors to try and take it away.

What an amazing weekend. What amazing friends I am blessed to call mine.
I wish this type of friendship for everyone who reads this...God is good...all the time!


Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Seems Just Like It Was Yesterday...

Just an ordinary day, just an ordinary road trip.

It was a trip I have made hundreds of times in my life, across my state, through one other and halfway through the next one. I could do the drive in my sleep.

This Tuesday drive was different. This trip was completely different. I felt like we were traveling a road that we had never seen before, that the hours were dragging by and flying past all at the same time. We were on the road to parenthood. Our hoped for child would be born in less than twenty-four hours and we were hurrying to be there on time. It was surreal.
I wish I could adequately sum up the feelings that were going through my mind that day. We had our car packed to the roof, we had our sweet old dog Jake snoozing in the back and we were being followed by my parents in their car. I remember being excited, the thought that parenthood was finally upon us was exhilarating. I remember being nervous, after all this child would not know us, not know the sound of our voices, we would be strangers. Would we be able to comfort and soothe the newborn cries? I remember being so sad that our daughter’s birthmom had to make this decision. I remember thinking how bittersweet that day must have been for her. I knew from speaking with her that she was looking forward to having the process over with the next day, but at the same time, it was the last day she had that sweet baby with her. I remember being scared that even though all seemed well, nothing seemed to indicate that the placement would not go through, there was still a thought in my head that my hubby and I could be heading for certain heartbreak and bringing our family and friends right along with us for the ride. It felt a bit overwhelming.

So many thoughts and fears, so much love, so many moments anticipated, it was a ride that I will never forget.

I remember arriving at our destination, unpacking and just sitting on the bed, shaking with all of these emotions racing through me. I remember eating Kentucky Fried Chicken through the lump in my throat, counting down the hours until 5:00 AM the next day, when we would make one last trip, to a hospital to await the birth of a little girl.   

I wrote that post three years ago. I decided to re-run it this morning, seven years after the birth of that little baby girl...who is now sweetly sleeping in her bed tonight, thoughts of her soon to come birthday party drifting in her head.

We were so blessed seven years ago and each year on the days leading up to her birthday I cannot help but  remember and be grateful and re-visit all the emotions of that time of our lives.


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Life with a 6 (ALMOST 7!!) Year Old...The Chore Pack

Child Labor Laws....WHAT?????

Not around this little house on the lane!  We have instituted the Chore Pack at our home and I am so happy to report that it is a great success for us. My child is learning some much needed self-discipline, homemaking skills and general responsibility -- not to mention she is earning an allowance for the first time, and Mommy -- well, I am catching up on the sitting on the couch, watching tv, eating bon bons portion of my life!! (Ha - not really, but it is giving me a few minutes of peace through out the day!!) 

Check back tomorrow for an explanation of the Chore Pack - you might be interested in it for your little household!